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The Pop-Up Factory:
An Interactive Experience

In partnership with Formlabs, Vention, Right Hand Robotics, and The Public Radio, Tulip created an interactive experience at the Digital Factory Conference in Boston’s Seaport District for an audience of over 600 digital manufacturing technology executives.

The Challenge

With over a thousand executives expected to be in attendance at the conference, our mission was to design an eye-popping, engaging, and user-friendly experience to showcase how our products could come together to build a truly agile production line.

The Team

Creative direction, UX design, illustration & animation:
Angie Lin Boyer

Process engineer:
Anabell Jimenez
Hardware & application engineers:
Dillon Forzese
Joshua Richard

Project lead:
Saul Lustgarten

Photography & video on this page provided by Rob Chron

The Solution

Using Tulip’s software, Formlabs’ 3D printers, and running on Vention workbenches with the help of Right Hand Robotics machinery, the interactive experience allowed conference attendees to assemble and program their own mason jar radios, provided by The Public Radio.

Step 1: Creating the Work Order

The user is welcomed guided through the process of customizing the station and knob on their radio, which creates a work order. A barcode label is printed containing their work order information.

Step 2: Guiding Radio Assembly

At the next station, the user scans the label. This triggers an application that guides them through the process of assembling their radio, with instructions specific to their customization options.

Step 3: Packaging the Radio

An animated HMI screen triggers a robotic arm that hands the user a box to package their radio.


Over 600 conference attendees visited the Pop-Up Factory and created radios. The installation lives on as an interactive demo for prospective customers at Tulip’s headquarters in Somerville, MA.