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Everyone is Asleep But Me

A compilation of stories around the theme of “night,” collaboratively investigated and told by 24 writers and visual artists.

Edited by Angie Lin Boyer & Marisa Sottos.
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Wimpy AF, Amy Belotti, Marc Burnett, Sasha Louis Bush, Ariel Chu, Kirstan Clifford, Mirielle Clifford, Emily Peterson Dunne, Ben Grill, Sean Fitzgerald, Julia Hoch, Carly Lovejoy, Sam Margevicius, Martha Naranjo Sandoval, Marie Louis Omme, Sara Salaway, Kat Shannon, Kristina Sumfleth, Daniel Terna, Beau Torres, Tracie Williams, and Nehama Winston.

Collected in the libraries at the International Center of Photography and Aperture Foundation.

Everyone is Asleep But Me is stocked at Wild Child bookstore in Somerville, MA.

Book photos by Marisa Sottos.