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Tulip Front Line Operations Category Launch 

A brand awareness campaign to define Tulip as the leader of a new category. 

The Team

Creative direction, video production:
Angie Lin Boyer

Motion graphics
Jake Rochford

Padikuor Akufo
Patrick Lemay

The Challenge

Tulip was preparing to launch a new category: the Front Line Operations Platform, cementing its position as a leader in the market.

We needed to convey the qualities that set Tulip’s product apart from its competitors - its ease of use and robust, bleeding-edge technologies, which made it the only true no-code platform for industrial operations.

The Campaign

We launched a brand awareness campaign with the core messaging: in today’s ever-shifting world, manufacturers need a robust yet agile platform to keep up.

The campaign consisted of a lively and lighthearted social media video campaign, microsite, and extended explainer video.

Social Media Ads

Carousel ads educated the audience on the features that set Tulip apart and provided a glimpse into the product’s UI.


The call to action for the social media ads led viewers to a microsite, which provided further education and thought leadership on the Front Line Operations Platform and its benefits.


The brand awareness campaign helped launch Tulip’s new category with a bang - and the social media campaign contributed to a 20% increase in visits to Tulip’s website month over month.